The Goodie Bags, founded by two busy, creative bags… er... Moms, frustrated by spending so much time trying to put together goodie bags that we could be proud of, only to leave stores with low quality gifts that were in a word - “meh”. Products that break, are used for 37 seconds or less, or are nothing but sugar is not what we wanted to thank our kids’ friends with for helping us celebrate a very special day.

Is it wrong to want more? Something simple, usable, memorable? We don’t think so. BUT the time and effort needed for planning what you want, searching for it, and putting it all together is overwhelming. Especially when you’ve got to deal with the party, cake, presents, food, decorations, invitations … you know the list. It’s enough to settle for whatever you find at the typical local store - branded swag, cheap trinkets, whatever sparkles. We’ve been there and realized we could help parents reflect the the experiences you want for your children.

The Goodie Bags wants to take some of that time and effort off your to-do list. We offer simple, thoughtful, high quality gifts that bring people together through activity and imagination. Parties are about the precious moments shared with friends and family and the memories they create. Focus on the moments and leave this piece to us - we’ve got your back. 

Jocelyn & Jenne  


PS - We know life isn’t all birthday parties - while we specialize in kid’s birthday parties, we will happily work with you on custom goodies for any occasion you are planning: weddings, baby showers, sports or corporate events to name a few. Just swing over to the contact us page and start a conversation!